How to Make Paper Rosette Napkin Rings

How to Make Paper Rosette Napkin Rings #queensbirthday #party #decoration #diy #napkin

Fold coloured tissue paper to create rosette napkin rings for your party table settings. We love a patriotic red, white and blue theme, and they’re perfect for picnics!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time to Make: 30 minutes

You Will Need

Craft Essentials


How to Make

1. Cut a length of tissue paper 9cm wide and 40cm long.

2. In a contrasting colour cut a second length 6cm wide and 40cm long. Spray the back of this section with glue and carefully attach to the centre of the first length of tissue paper. It is important that you stick this as evenly as possible.

3. Begin to fold the combined tissue paper width ways into a fan about 1/2cm wide. Once you have folded the whole length attach a 25cm section of the wire around the middle point. Twist the wire to hold your fan shape, leaving equal lengths either side. Do not trim the wire, as this will form the loop for your napkins.

4. Trim the edges of the folded tissue paper fan with scissors into petal shapes.

5. Open out the fan on both sides to make a rosette. Attach the sides with glue and add a button to the middle.

6. Turn your rosette over and glue ribbon to the back by folding in half so both lengths hang down in a V-shape. Trim the ends so they are even lengths.

7. To make a beaded wire loop, thread beads onto each piece of wire. Twist the ends together and cut away any excess ensuring there are no sharp edges.

How to Make Paper Rosette Napkin Rings #NapkinRings #Napkin #HM90

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