How to Make Needle Felted Eggs

Create your own colourful egg table display, perfect for your Easter table, using simple needle felting techniques. This project is perfect for beginners and uses pastel shades of wool with pops of bright folky colours for a fun and festive feel.

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1. Gently pull off a small amount of the wool roving by gently gripping one end. The wool fibres are on average about 4 inches long so make sure your hands are far enough apart to allow the fibres to separate.


2. Lay the wool lengthways over the polystyrene egg and stab the wool gently with the clover needle felting tool to attach it to the surface of the egg. Keep doing this until the entire surface of the egg is covered and double check for any bald patches.


3. I have used a selection of different sized polystyrene eggs and pastel coloured wool for a pretty table display. I shall be creating a mixture of stripes, polka dots and circles to decorate my eggs. You can use some or all of the following ideas to embellish your eggs and make them truly unique.


4. To make a stripe, pull off a small tuft of wool and lay it across the circumference of the egg. Use the Clover tool to stab it gently into place. You can tidy up the edges with a single needle and can always add more wool if you need a longer stripe.


5. To make the outline of a circle or oval, wrap a thin tuft of wool around two fingers. Lay it on the egg where you want the circle to be and gently stab it into place. In order to keep it symmetrical, work one side of the circle/oval and then it’s direct opposite.


6. To make a polka dot, crumple up a tiny piece of wool roving between your fingers, lay it on your egg and using a single needle, stab into the centre of the tangle to hold it in place. Then use a single needle to draw the edges into the centre keeping it nice and neat.


7. To make a filled circle, wrap a tuft of wool around a finger or two. Lay the wool face down on the egg and use the clover tool to stab into place. You can embellish with an outline of a contrasting coloured wool to really make it pop.


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