How to Make Munch Bunch Organic Cress Heads

This month we’re partnering with Munch Bunch to celebrate the launch of the new Munch Bunch Organic range! Munch Bunch want to celebrate the playfulness in every child and get back to the simple pleasure that parents remember as a child.

For this project, learn how to create the perfect environment to use cress. Turn your empty yogurt pots into fantastically fun cress heads! When the cress is ready to eat, give your cress heads a haircut and watch the cress grow again and again!

For the next four weeks, Munch Bunch will be sharing exciting DIY activities you can enjoy at home with your children using a range of Hobbycraft arts and craft supplies! Plus, they’ll be giving you the chance to win £100 work of Hobbycraft vouchers to help get you started! Be sure to head on over Munch Bunch Facebook page for your chance to win!

With small pots available in Apricot, Banana and Strawberry and pouches available in Strawberry, together we’ll be feeding their playful nature right from the first mouthful.


You Will Need

Cress seeds

Two Munch Bunch Organic yogurt pots

Cotton wool or kitchen roll

Black Sharpie »

Painted Wiggle Eyes »

Clear Glue »

How to Make

1. Empty, wash and dry Munch Bunch organic yogurt pots, ready to use for the next step

2. Draw smiley faces on the yogurt pots, using felt tips or paints, and add the stick-on wiggly eyes

3. Let the yogurt pots dry if you’re using paint and wiggle eyes

4. When the paint has dried, wet some kitchen roll and put it in the bottom of the yogurt pots

5. Wet some cotton wool and place it in the yogurt pot. Make sure there is a gap between the cotton wool and the top of the yogurt pots

6. Put some cress seeds on the cotton wool and press them down gently

7. Put your cress in the shade for a couple of days

8. Put your cress pot in a sunny, warm spot – for example, a kitchen windowsill

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