How to Make Mother’s Day Foam Flowers

These stylish flowers are easy to make and versatile to use in lots of crafty gifts. You could make a bouquet, a flower crown or a Mother’s Day card. Or make all three for an extra special gift.

You Will Need How to Make

1. To make the flowers, use the templates provided to cut out the different parts of the flower using a mix of sparkly and plain craft foam sheets.

2. Cut leaves from green foam.

3. Assemble the flowers using the pictures as a reference and glue the layers together.

4. Add finer details using glitter glue and leave to dry.


5. To turn the flowers into a bouquet, select about 10 flowers and glue a pipe cleaner on. Leave the glue to dry.

6. Add leaves to the pipe cleaner stems.

7. Arrange the bouquet and tie in place with ribbon. You can also wrap tissue paper around the bunch of flowers for a real bouquet feel.


8. To make the flower crown, use a mix of smaller and larger flowers and glue the flowers along the hairband.

9. Use masking tape to hold the flowers in place while the glue dries.

10. If you don’t have a hairband you could make a strip from craft foam and fit it to the head before gluing flowers to that.


11. For the Mother’s Day card, arrange the flowers onto the card to resemble a bunch.

12. Use a mix of larger and smaller flowers.

13. Once you have your positioning, draw around them lightly in pencil.

14. Remove the flowers and place green craft foam onto the card. Mark out stems to line up with the flowers and cut out. Glue the stems in place then add the flowers back to the card. Rub out any visible pencil marks.

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