How to Make Metallic Gem Crackers

Snap up the trends with these metallic gem crackers! We all love to get inspired by this seasons trends, well now is the time to craft your own and fill with personalised gifts for that extra special touch!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Begin by sticking a piece of double sided tape on to your ready-made cracker, then carefully roll the paper being sure not to cause any creases.

Image 2

2. Cut off any excess paper so that it is flush to the cracker and carefully begin twisting and squeezing the paper in to the joining areas.

Image 3

3. Use your chosen ribbon to pull the paper together, creating a cracker formation. Be careful not to pull too tight, too quickly as you don’t want to make the paper tear.

Image 4

4. Repeat this process on both ends of the cracker/cardboard tube.

Image 6

5. For, a more elegant and chic look, all you will need are some stick-on gems and a silver sharpie/gel pen. You can either choose to stick your gems in a particular shape/order, or go sporadic and fill the spaces like snow drops.

Image 17

6. Begin by sticking larger gems in key areas, and then add smaller ones in to the spaces between. This way you’ll get even coverage all over. Then, use your sharpie to draw on little stars/snowflakes/polka dots to fill in any extra gaps.

Image 18



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