How to Make Marbled FIMO Crochet Hooks and Stitch Markers

Create a personalised set of crochet hooks and stitch markers using FIMO techniques, creating a more ergonomic handle and matching markers so you don’t lose your way with projects. We’ve gone for subtle blues and greys for this set, but you could choose any colours you like! 

You Will Need Craft Essentials

Cling film

Rolling Pin »

Cocktail stick

Pliers »

How to Make

1. With clean hands (FIMO picks up dust very quickly!) knead the clay to make it more malleable, then roll into sausages that are roughly the same length – it doesn’t matter how long these are as long as they are all the same. Twist them together and roll up to create a candy cane effect.


2. Roll the sausage out to double its length. Fold together, twist and roll again. Repeat 3 or 4 times until you have a marbled effect and the colours are starting to bleed into one another and combine.


3. Roll the clay up into a ball, then place between two sheets of cling film and roll out as thin as you can – about 2mm thick. Peel away the top layer of cling film and use a knife to cut into a rectangle measuring 12.5cm x 20cm.


4. Turn the clay around so that it is upside down. Lay the first crochet hook on top, with the bottom lined up with the edge of the clay. Roll the FIMO around the hook, cut to size, then smooth the joins with your fingers. Pinch the end of the clay to seal it around the bottom of the hook and trim any excess. Repeat for all remaining hooks.


5. Preheat the oven to 110c. To make the stitch markers, roll some of the excess clay into a sausage and cut into sections. Roll into 1.5cm balls – you will need 6.


6. Repeat with the white and sparkle dust FIMO, making 3 slightly smaller beads (about 1cm) of each colour. Wiggle a cocktail stick into the balls to turn them into beads. Bake all the beads and crochet hooks on a baking tray lined with parchment paper for 30 minutes.


7. Once the beads are cooked and cooled, thread a marbled bead, followed by a plain bead, onto a headpin. Trim the pin so that it is 1cm longer than the bead stack. Bend the end of the pin round using pliers.


8. Use pliers to open a jump ring to the side, thread on the folded headpin followed by a trigger clasp. Press the jump ring back together to finish. Repeat to make 6 stitch markers.



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