How to Make Marbled Ceramics

Creating marbled ceramics is a beautiful and speedy way to add a pretty surface pattern design to a functional object. The technique is super on trend, and when added to blank ceramics make the perfect handmade gift. Follow the tutorial below by Zeena Shah to find out how it’s done!

You Will Need Craft Essentials

Paper »

Craft Stick »

Paints »

Storage »

Old Newspaper


Scrap Paper

How to Make

1. Cover your table with some old newspaper or table cloth to catch any drips. Then fill up your bowl or tray three quarters of the way up with some cold water.

2. Drop the ink into the centre of the bowl one drop at a time. Using a cocktail stick swirl the ink with the water pulling the ink away from the centre of the bowl to the edges. Work quickly for the best results.

Try adding up to three colours at a time for more variation by dropping the ink into the centre of the bowl each time and swirling the colours together gently with the cocktail stick.

3. If necessary prepare the ceramic blanks with a coat of white paint and leave overnight to dry.

Carefully dip the object into the water bath and submerge until the ink is lifted onto the object. This is a very quick process have some paper close by to start off with some test prints to get the hang of the technique

4. Gently pull the object out of the marbling bath and place on some paper to dry.

5. Marbling is a wonderfully quick way to create a pretty surface pattern to these gorgeous ceramic objects. Have fun and experiment with colour and objects.

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