How to Make Lollipop Biscuits

How to Make Lollipop Biscuits #biscuits #cookies #baking

These lollipop biscuits are a great make to do with the kids. They can be decorated in any way that you like, edible glitter and toppers would make great additions and can be personalised to suit the lucky recipient.

Suitable for: Beginners

You Will Need
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How to Make
  1. Cut out the dough using heart shaped cutters then bake the biscuits – use the lollipop stick to make a hole before baking.
  2. Gently warm apricot jam in a saucepan on the hob and brush onto the front of the biscuits.
  3. Using the heart cookie cutters cut  hearts from the ready roll icing and carefully place on the front of the cookies. If layering another heart on top, use a brush to apply some water to the under side of the top heart before positioning in place (the water will act as a glue).
  4. Pipe heart outlines with water icing and allow to dry, then finish off with a piece of ribbon.

How to Make Lollipop Biscuits #biscuits #cookies #baking

Hints and Tips

Instead of making lollipops from the heart cookies you could make normal cookies topped with some ready roll icing, and then use a food pen to write a personal messages on them.

How to Make Lollipop Biscuits #biscuits #cookies #baking

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