How to Make Joy Fillable Letters

How to Make Joy Fillable Letters

Bring a little joy into your home this Christmas with some colourful pompom fillable letters! Keep the letters plain or paint in white or metallic if you prefer – just make sure you’ve got lots of poms to hand!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Paint a section of your letter J with PVA glue, making sure you get inside the base and side of the letter. 

2. Place your pompoms inside where you have glued, stick them right up to the edges so it is nice and full. 

3. You could place them in varied sized for a random look or in a pattern. I have chosen random. 

4. Continue gluing and sticking the pompoms all the way down your letter until full.

5. Now repeat stages 1-4 for your other letters.

How to Make Joy Fillable Letters

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