How to Make Intricut Cactus Art

How to Make Intricut Cactus Art #intricut #cactus #art #canvas #home #decor #diy #die #cutting #papercraft

Brighten up your home with some quirky cactus art, made using our own range of Intricut dies. For extra texture, you could stick sand to the canvas to make it look like they’re in a desert!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Use the Intricut cactus die set to cut a selection of different sized cacti – try stacking one on top of the other, or adding on additional branches. Snip off the pots from all of your die-cuts.

2. Once you have your selection of cacti, stick each one to a piece of cardstock using a glue stick. Die cut each of the shapes again, this time making sure to hold on to all of the cut negatives (these are the little excess bits, that usually end up in the bin) – it’s best to do this one cactus at a time so bits and pieces don’t become muddled up.

3. With a pair of tweezers and a glue stick to hand, start to fill in the negative spaces of the design, matching each piece as you go. This can be time consuming, but the overall effect looks great! Repeat this process for all of the cacti cut in step one. Then repeat the process for the pots; we decided to only include pots with three of our cacti, however this is completely up to you.

4. Fix paper flowers here-and-there on some of the cacti, using a little bit of tacky glue to keep them in place, then secure the cacti in their pots.

5. Add water to a small blob of craft paint, until you end up with slightly thicker than water consistency. Cover the canvas board with a ‘wash’ of the paint to create a watercolour effect. Leave to dry.

6. Secure the cacti along the bottom of the board and include your greeting along the top – this could be created using stickers, dies or even a Cricut Air if you have one.

How to Make Intricut Cactus Art #intricut #cactus #art #canvas #home #decor #diy #die #cutting #papercraft

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