How to Make Hand Painted Gift Wrap

Personalise your gift wrap completely this year, whilst showing off your illustrative skills by painting your own gift wrap. Follow the tutorial below by Becki Clark, who talks through her process of creating a series of gorgeous festive patterns.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. To start with roll out your paper and place your box on to it, you can then measure out how much paper you will need to paint to wrap the box.

2. Begin with painting simple leave shapes, paint a simple line as a stem and then add long shaped ovals to create the leaves.

3. Fill your paper with these leaf shapes, mix between bigger and smaller sizes.

4. Paint small circles in red paint for berries, if you leave a small white circle in the middle of them it will replicate a shine on the berry.

5. Leave enough space between the leaves and the berries so you can fill with other foliage.

6. Using a lighter green you can paint the stalks of the pink berries, you can just use one stroke for these.

7. Your painting will look like this now.

8. Using the same long shaped ovals use a light pink for the pink bud.

9. Your paper should look something like this now.

10. Add small pink dots to your light green stems.

11. Depending how tight you’d like your pattern to look you can use simple filler shapes like this.

12. You can use lighter toned shades on the greens to add detail to the leaves by using a small paint brush. These will create depth on the paper.

13. Add red berries to some of the green foliage stalks once they are dry. The great thing about gouache is even darker colours can work on-top of each other without blending (just make sure the paint is dry).


15. Finished image.

16.  This second pattern is a bit more simple and may work well for bigger gifts, Begin with painting green leaves using lines and again the long oval shapes for the leaves.

17. Fill the ovals in with the green colour.

18. Add small red berries around your leaf shapes.

19. Repeat this across the piece of paper.

20. The third design is again a simple repeat that requires just two motifs across the page, use paint strokes to create holly shape leaves. If you use the brush to almost flick the greens it will create a lovely movement to the pattern rather than having a block shape.

21/22. Add red berries to the centres of the hollies, mix between 2-3 berries.

23. Repeat across the page.

24. Using a darker contrast colour add a stalk onto the holly shapes.

25. You can also add loose details onto the leaves with the darker.

26. You can either leave white space or fill it with one or two of the elements from the previous patterns, this will keep it all looking consistent and asthough it really is a christmas collection!

27. I recommend leaving your paper overnight to dry. When wrapping your boxes use the washi tape to secure the paper.

28. Wrap twine around your box for a rustic look, once measured it a couple of times round, cut to size.

29. Add gift tags, I brush lettered these however lovely handwriting works just as well.

30. Thread your twine through the gift tag and secure wish washi tape on the bottom of the box.

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