How to Make Hand Lettered Notelets

Notelets are a great way to implement your hand lettering into papercraft projects, whether you be using fine liners or brush markers. Here, Milly Withers of Blink Lettering shows us how to create two travel-inspired notelets using map papers. Download the templates to have a go at creating your very own!

You Will Need Craft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Select a patterned paper that follows the theme of adventure and travel.

2. Trim your chosen patterned paper to 118 x 168mm, this will leave a white boarder around the paper when placed centrally on the card.

Top tip! If your paper is not a repeat pattern and something like a map, think about the design that will be shown once trimmed.

3. Trim a sheet of tracing paper to 88 x 138mm, this will leave an even border around your patterned paper.

4. Print off the “adventure awaits” or the “adventure begins” template. 

5. Lay the trimmed tracing paper on top of your chosen template, making sure that it sits centrally on.

6. Use the Uniball pens to trace over the “Adventure Awaits” template and the Artiste Brush Pens for the “Adventure Begins” design.

Top tip! Switch between different sizes of pens to achieve the varying line weights.

7. Cover the top and bottom of the tracing paper with glue from a glue stick, and secure to the patterned paper. Ensure that it is centred before pressing down.

Top tip! Place some heavy books on top of the card to create even pressure and ensure the glue sticks well.

8. Add foam tape strips to the back of the patterned paper. Remove the backing paper from the tape and secure the panel centrally to the card blank.

Hand Lettering Top Tips

  • Take your time, each stroke needs to be considered
  • When using brush pens, create thick strokes by going down and thin strokes going up
  • Use smooth paper, textured paper can fray the nibs
  • It’s all in the arm movement and not just in the wrist
  • Practice, practice, practice! Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day

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