How to Make Halloween Spoon Puppets

Tell your own spooky tale on Fright Night with these (not so scary!) Halloween spoon puppets. Most of the materials you need are inside the Halloween craft box. Here we’ve made dracula, a witch and a monster, but you could make anything you like!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Begin by gluing googly eyes onto the back of the spoon. Draw on some spooky faces using permanent pens.


2. For Dracula, cut a cape shape out of black felt and a small bow-tie from orange felt. Glue around Dracula’s neck. 



3. For the witch’s outfit, use double sided tape to stick a piece of orange felt around the handle of the spoon. Cut another black cape from felt and glue around the neck. 


4. Make a little witch’s hat from black craft foam and use double sided tape to attach it to the top of the spoon.  


5. For the witch’s hair, cut a purple pipe cleaner in half and fold in the centre. Tape onto the back of the spoon, spread out to look like hair. Cover the pipe cleaners with another small piece of black foam the same size and the rim of the hat. 



6. For the monster, cut 4 pipe cleaners into thirds and bend them into zig zag shapes. Tape onto the back of the spoon to look like crazy hair. Tape a small piece of  green craft foam onto the pipecleaners at the back of the spoon to make sure they stay in place.


7. From green foam cut a wiggly shape to look like six arms. Glue onto the spoon handle, then glue a few eyes down the centre to finish. 


How to Make Halloween Spoon Puppets

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