How to Make Halloween Jars

How to Make Halloween Jars #halloween #jars #party #decoration #diy #crafts

Whether you fill them with snacks or spooky eyeballs for a scary decoration, these Halloween jars are perfect for your Halloween party! You can either use spray paint or black acrylic paint to colour them black on the outside. If you are going to use them for food, make sure you wash them out beforehand and only use paint on the oustide of the jar!

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1. First of all, you need to paint your jars black as a base. Use either spray paint in a well-ventilated area or acrylic paint and a large paintbrush. Leave to dry.

2.  For the spider jar, use the glue gun to stick on your spiders, spacing them randomly apart. Leave to dry.

3. For your googly eye jar, open the pack of eyes and group them into their respective sizes. Decide how much of the jar you want to cover with them, I chose to do half of the jar diagonally.

4. Using tacky glue or a glue gun, stick them on making sure to mix up the sizes of googly eyes as you go. I started by sticking on the biggest eyes first, then filling in the gaps with smaller eyes. Leave to dry.

How to Make Halloween Jars #halloween #jars #party #decoration #diy #crafts

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