How to Make Greenery Fillable Baubles

How to Make Greenery Fillable Baubles #greenery #green #fillable #filled #bauble #noel #joy #calligraphy #christmas #craft #decoration #diy

Bring a bit of nature inside and add some texture to your Christmas tree with these greenery fillable baubles. Mix it up by using different types of greenery, from eucalyptus to holly – you can use either fake or fresh foliage. 

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You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors »
  • Masking Tape »
How to Make

1. Choose a Christmas phrase that you would like to be written on the outside of your bauble. Write it out onto plain paper using a pen or pencil. 

green 1

2. Cut out your design and temporarily stick it to the inside your bauble using masking tape. This will act as a template for you to trace onto the outside of the bauble. Make sure that you are in a well-lit area and that you are working on a dark surface as the white Posca pen can be difficult to see!

green 2

3. Once you have finished tracing your design, remove the paper template from the inside of the bauble. If your design needs touching up, now if the time to concentrate on the details.

4. Completely fill one half of the bauble with greenery, leaves, pinecones and anything else that makes you think of Christmas! Using artificial plants means that your baubles will look great throughout Christmas, and can be used for Christmases to come!

5. Pop the two halves of your bauble together and tie them together with a rough piece of twine.

How to Make Greenery Fillable Baubles #greenery #green #fillable #filled #bauble #noel #joy #calligraphy #christmas #craft #decoration #diy

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