How to Make Glossy Decopatch Hearts

How to Make Glossy Decopatch Hearts #decoupage #craft

Glossy Décopatch hearts make beautiful decorations, perfect for Christmas or to hang around the home all year round. Experiment with different papers, torn up magazines and toning colours and hang in a group.

How to Make Glossy Decopatch Hearts

Skill Level: Beginner

Allow: One and a half to two hours

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Cut your paper designs into small squares and rectangles. Spread a generous amount of glossy glue onto the front of the first heart and use the paintbrush to lift up each piece of paper.
  2. Fix the paper in place with more glue and gradually build-up an overlapping layer of paper all over the heart, taking care to ensure that all the layers lie flat and even. Leave the side that you have decorated facing upwards to dry, then turn over and complete the other side.
  3. Using a thin paintbrush, thread the handle through the eyelet and support the brush and heart across the opening of a jug to allow the heart to dry properly.
  4. Once dry, tie lengths of ribbon through the loop at the top into a lavish bow or suspend each heart to create a Christmas or door decoration.

How to Make Glossy Decopatch Hearts #decoupage #craft

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