How to Make Glitter Skulls

This glitter skulls project is perfect for making with little ones, I’ve used just one colour of glitter but you could go all out and mix different colours of even add gem embellishments to make a Day of the Dead inspired skull …

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make


1. Start by using a paintbrush to cover the front of the skull in a layer of glue. Leave to set for a moment or so before sprinkling over your glitter.

How to Make Glitter Skulls #Halloween #Glitter

2. Leave to dry.

3. Once dry repeat steps one and two for the back of the skull.

4. Once the back of the skull is dry, cover the entire skull in a thin layer of glue. This will help to keep the glitter in place and avoid any of it coming off. As the whole of the skull will be covered in glue you will need to leave it to hang to dry.

Top Tip!

If you have a washing line and it’s a dry day, simply peg the skulls to the washing line to dry.

How to Make Glitter Skulls #Halloween #Glitter

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