How to Make Glitter Baubles

Glitter Baubles

In early preparation for Christmas, I have been busy making some beautiful glitter baubles. They’d not only look good on a Christams tree, but also hung on cabinets and other places around your home – you could even attach them to a homemade wreath!

You Will Need How to Make

Top Tip!…Try mixing it up with two different colours of glitter.

  1. Start by preparing the surface that you’re working upon with an old table cloth or newspaper.
  2. Pierce the polystyrene ball with a kebab stick and completely cover the ball with PVA glue.
  3. Shake glitter all over the ball and leave to dry in floral foam.
  4. Leave the Styrofoam ball to dry for around two hours.
  5. To make the string that will allow your bauble to be hung, cut a length of ribbon or twine, fold in half and knot. Place a pearl head pin through the knot and into the Styrofoam.

How to Make Glitter Baubles #Glitter #Baubles #Christmas

How to Make Glitter Baubles #Glitter #Baubles #Christmas

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