How to Make Floral Napkin Rings

Add some pretty spring styling to your table this season with floral napkin rings! If you don’t have napkins on your table, you could also use them to tie your cutlery together.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Wind the thick florists wire around a spray can – something like a hairspray can is perfect.



2. Take the garland apart to separate the different pieces.

3. Begin to wire foliage/flowers to circle using thin wire as shown


4. Once something is wired in place cover with florists tape to hide the wire.;


5. Continue to wire things into place and cover with florists tape as you go.


6. Finally wrap the rest of the exposed ring in florists tape.

Top Tip!

Florists tape can feel very tacky initially but this soon dries out. 

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