How to Make Floral Headbands

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With festival season in full-swing, I thought I’d have a go at these floral headbands – a great make for any crafty festival goer this summer; you can customise them as you like with your favourite artificial flowers and pretty ribbons.

They don’t just have to be made for festivals either, these headbands make great accessories for bridesmaids, or even for the bride herself for a simple summer wedding.

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : One hour

You Will Need How to Make
  1. Overlap two pieces of wire and secure by wrapping a piece of sellotape around them.
  2. To make sure that the headband is the correct size, wrap the wire around your head. Once happy with the size hold the wire in place and remove, secure the overlapping pieces of wire with a piece of sellotape and cut off excess wire.
  3. Using your choice of artificial flowers, wrap the stems around the wire to secure in place (you can add as many or as few flowers as you like!)
  4. Once happy with the positioning and arrangement of the the flowers start wrapping the tape around the wire. As you start to handle the tape it will become slightly sticky, this will in turn secure the tape in place. Keep winding the tape on overlapping it slightly on each pass to cover all of the flower stems. Once you have gone all of the way around the headband cut the tape using scissors, make sure to slightly twist the tape as you press down the end to secure in place.
  5. Leave the headband for about 10 minutes or so to allow the tape to ‘set’ and become less sticky.
  6. Using your chosen ribbon wrap this over the top of the flower tape and tie the ends together after you’ve gone all the way around.
  7. Cut 30 centimetre strips of the ribbon using pinking shears and discreetly secure in place so that they’re positioned on the back of the headband.

Festival Floral Headband

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