How to Make Fimo Fridge Magnets

How to Make Fimo Fridge Magnets #Fimo #FridgeMagnets #DIY

How cute are these Fimo fridge magnets? I just love making things with kids, whether with a friend’s children or a young family member – we always have fun making these together. Plus, you can use whichever colours you like; you don’t have to stick to traditional!

Suitable for : Beginners

Time to make : 20 minutes each plus baking and drying time

You Will Need
How to Make

For the Ladybird

  • Roll a ball of red Fimo and mould into an oval shape. Roll a smaller ball of black Fimo for the head, and press onto one end of the red body.
  • Add a small strip of black to the middle of the body, followed by tiny black spots either side. Place the eyes on the head.

For the Bumblebee

  • Roll a ball of yellow Fimo and mould into an oval shape.
  • Add a couple of yellow wings either side of the body, followed by thin black stripes. Place the eyes and nose on the head.

For the Butterfly

  1. Roll a lilac sausage shape for the butterfly?s body and flatten slightly. Roll four pink balls for the wings, and attach them to either side of the body, again flattening.
  2. Add four turquoise and four green spots to the wings and three small green spots to the body.
  3. Place black eyes on the butterfly?s head and finish with two green feelers.

For the Dragonfly

  1. Roll two small balls of lilac Fimo and two of turquoise and press together for the body.Add a larger ball for the head.
  2. Roll four lilac balls and mould into oval shapes. Press them either side of the body to form the wings.
  3. Add smaller turquoise ovals to the wings, then add eyes to the head.

To Finish

  1. Transfer the Fimo bugs to an oven and bake at 110 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Allow to cool before coating with gloss varnish.
  2. Cut and stick a small piece of magnet to the back of each bug.

How to Make Fimo Fridge Magnets #Fimo #FridgeMagnets #DIY

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