How to Make Festival Wellies

Festival Wellies

Stand out from the crowd! Wellies are an essential part of every festival goers wardrobe, whether it be raining and your up to your knees in mud, or your basking in the glorious sunshine they are (dare we sat it!) practical, super comfy, and virtually indestructible.

How to Make Festival Wellies

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : One hour and 30 minutes

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Cut approximately 1.5 metres of both types of ribbon and twine using pinking shears (this will stop the ends of the ribbons from fraying).
  2. Using a glue gun apply a generous blob of glue on both sides of the boot. Position the middle of the wider ribbon at the front on the boot and then wrap around the sides pressing the ribbon into the glue to secure in place (be careful as the glue may still be hot!).
  3. Place a smaller blob of glue on top of the wider base ribbon and attach the thinner ribbon in the same manner.
  4. Using artificial flowers, wind the wire stems around the twine to secure in place (you can add as many or as few flowers as you like).
  5. Once happy with the arrangement wrap the twine around the top of the boot gathering the ends of the ribbons to tye a bow on the back.
  6. Cut the ribbon to the desired length using pinking shears.
  7. Repeat the above process with the other boot.

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