How to Make Felt Christmas Houses

How wonderful would these felt Christmas houses look hanging from your Christmas tree this year? Not only are they really on-trend, but they have a folksy, cutesy look that is hard to resist. The project comes courtesy of Crafts Beautiful magazine and the result is bound to become a favourite in your household over the festivities.

Designer : Corinne Bradd

You Will Need How to Make

1. Trace around the templates onto felt. Cut a zig zag edge around a fabric square with pinking shears, pin to the roof of one house shape and trim to the same shape. Over-sew the bottom edge of the roof to the felt with three strands of embroidery thread.

2. Pin the two houses together and blanket stitch around the sloping edges of the roof to join. Fold up the back piece and pin to the roof.

3. Cut out door and window pieces from felt and pin to the front. Fix down with embroidery thread using over-sew stitches. Add a button to the front door. Un-pin the back of the house and continue sewing the two shapes together with blanket stitch. Leave a small gap in the side of the house and stuff lightly with fibre filling before closing up the gap. Add a loop of thread to the top for hanging.

How to Make Felt Christmas Houses #ChristmasTree #ChristmasDecoration

How to Make Felt Christmas Houses #ChristmasTree #ChristmasDecoration

The November issue of Crafts Beautiful goes on sale from 16 October to 12 November, and is chock-full of Christmas makes. Make sure to pick up a copy! Or subscribe and get your first three issues for just £6, so you never miss out on any projects.

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