How to Make Embossed Ceramic Hearts

These beautiful ceramic heart decorations look beautiful as blanks, but we couldn’t resist getting crafty with them. Colleague Krissi, from our Bournemouth store, got creative with some inks and embossing powders to create these magical-looking decs for the tree!

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Time to make: 20 minutes per heart, plus cooling time


You Will Need How to Make

1. Choose a Christmas stamp and dab onto the stamp pad, but do not press too hard.

Top Tip!…Try your designs on a piece of paper first to make sure your happy with it.

2. Once happy with your design, stamp onto a ceramic heart and whilst the image is still wet, sprinkle with red embossing powder, making sure the whole design is covered. Shake off excess powder and blow gently to remove loose powder.

Top Tip!…You can also use a small soft paintbrush to brush of the excess powder, but try not to touch your design.

3. Place you heart down on a flat heatproof mat and use the heat tool, concentrated on your design. You will see the powder move/melt as you’re doing this – once you see this happen all over, it is done.  The ceramic will get hot so don’t touch until it’s cooled.

4. You may want all your hearts to match; if not, then do a different design on each one and each side. Repeat previous step on the remaining hearts

. 5. Using twine, thread through the hole in the top of the heart and secure both ends together with a knot, so you are able to hang it up on your tree. How to Make Embossed Ceramic Hearts #diy #ceramic #heart #decoration #christmas #stamping #embossing #home #bauble

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