How to Make Easter Table Settings

Easter is another occasion that warrants a hearty, communal meal. Why should any less attention be spent on the table settings as there would be at Christmas? There are many simple ways to create elegant and modern table settings using a few crafting items. Have a look below to see how we created this easy table setting.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Ceramic Place Setting

1. Draw out the desired name in a bouncy, calligraphic typeface onto the ceramic decoration lightly in pencil. Take a look at these 5 Modern Calligraphy Tutorials on the Hobbycraft blog for inspiration.

2. Trace the pencil lines using a gold marker pen.

3. Repeat for each guest that you will be seating.


Floral Napkin Ring

1. Use the wire cutters in order to snip off foliage and flowers from the floral garland, being sure to leave as much wire stem on each part.

2. Wrap the base wire around the napkin loosely to gauge the circumference.  

3. Twist the stems around the base wire to secure. We’ve used two sprigs of foliage, one sprig of buds, and two flowers on stems in order to create the below napkin ring.

4. Repeat for however many guests you will be seating – each napkin ring will be different!


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