How to Make Easter Chick Cupcakes

How to Make Easter Chick Cupcakes #baking #easter #cupcakes #chick #easy

There’s nothing quite as classic as a chick at Easter, so why not make these adorable little animals into something yummy to eat? These cupcakes are super easy to make, so they’re ideal for beginners and kids!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by mixing up your butter icing. (This needs to be a thicker consistency, so don’t use as much butter as suggested if making your own). Add in a few drops of yellow and orange colouring to create a spring chick colour. Alternatively, use ready-made frosting.

2. You can use a cupcake nozzle or just cut the end of your piping bag so you have a hole about two centimetres wide. Fill your piping bag with your yellow butter icing.

3. Hold the nozzle still and directly over the top of the cupcake, applying a squashed ball shape for the chick’s body. Repeat this and add a smaller ball on top to create the chicks head.

4. With a piece of orange icing, mould a small triangle shape for the beak and two feet – make these for each cupcake. Place onto your cupcakes. You can use edible glue if needed for the feet.

5. Using the writing nozzle with the black decorating icing, squeeze out two circles on the head to make the chick’s eyes.

How to Make Easter Chick Cupcakes #baking #easter #cupcakes #chick #easy

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