How to Make Die-cut Paper Flowers

What a lovely surprise it would be for your nearest and dearest to be presented on their special day with breakfast in bed on a pretty tray, with a vase of paper flowers, a gift bag and a rose embellished napkin ring! If breakfast in bed doesn’t appeal, how about cooking lunch and decorating the table with posies of paper roses with matching napkin rings for everyone – and of course, the lucky recipient gets their own decorated gift bag as well! 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Die cut several of the rose shapes (Spellbinders Blooming Rose dies) in white and pastel pink. Cut the leaves and calyx in green.

2. Ink the centers and edges of the petals before assembly. Use a ball tool or even the top of a ballpoint pen to gently shape the petals as shown in the photo. Curl the petals around a paint brush handle or wooden skewer.

To start constructing the flowers, push a brad through the hole in the center of the smallest flower, now glue the petals upwards around the brad – squeeze quite tightly, the more closed this center is, the more realistic the rose will look. Now add some glue around the hole on the second flower and thread onto the brad. Shape and curl as you go. Continue to add layers until you get the fullness you want. You can see in the photo that I made some buds, using just three layers, and adding a calyx.

3. Wrap floral tape around a wooden skewer, use a glue gun to attach leaves to the stem.

4. Use a hot glue gun to add your flowers to the stems, before arranging in a small glass jar.

5. Use the negative shapes left from your die cutting to stencil a background onto a plain white gift bag.

6. Arrange and glue leaves, stem and flowers onto the gift bag.

7. Hand-cut a small tag shape, write Mum on the tag and tie to the bag with white raffia.

8. Make a pencil line 5cms from one end of the cardboard tube, and cut with a craft knife along the marked line. Paint with acrylic paint, allow to dry then attach some leaves and a small rose.

9. Then all that’s left to do is arrange all of the components onto a tray and start preparing the food!


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