How to Make Copper Dipped Baubles

How to Make Copper Dipped Baubles #copper #dipped #christmas #baubles #metallic #ceramic #tree #decoration

Add a touch of luxe to your Christmas decorations with the trendy colour of the moment, and have a go making some metallic copper dipped baubles. Copper not your thing? Swap in any metallic colour for the same effect!

You Will Need 

Craft Essentials
  • String »
  • Large yogurt pots or similar
  • Pencils 
  • Hairspray
How to Make

1. Tip both bottles of drawing ink into the large yoghurt pot or similar. Make sure that you stir the ink well.


2. Take the string off one of the baubles and attach a longer piece of string so that when you hang the bauble from the top of the yoghurt pot it will be suspended in air and not sitting on the bottom.

3. Carefully lower the bauble into the yoghurt pot of ink so that it sits on the bottom. VERY carefully tilt the pot from side to side and around to coat the bauble half way up with ink.


4. Carefully remove the bauble and suspend in another yoghurt pot (or similar) from a pencil or knitting needle across the pot to dry. It is very important that the bauble does not touch the yoghurt pot anywhere.


5. Spray the bauble with hairspray to seal the ink layer. This is very important, otherwise the ink will rub off.

6. Attach a shorter string for hanging the bauble up.

 Top Tip!

Don’t be tempted to seal the ink with a paint on sealer because the brush marks will show and spoil the dipped effect.

 Top Tip!

If you don’t feel confident using ink, you could also use copper paint to achieve a similar effect!

How to Make Copper Dipped Baubles #copper #dipped #christmas #baubles #metallic #ceramic #tree #decoration

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