How to Make Clay Mitten Decorations

How to Make Clay Mitten Decorations

I’m pretty sure that I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that the best Christmas decorations, are handmade decorations and these clay mitten decorations are no different! Christmas is the best time of year for getting a craft on and what’s cuter than these personalised mittens with hanging pom poms?

So here’s my how-to tutorial on how so easily make some of these… They make perfect gifts for friends and family too!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Begin by prepping your work station. You will need a strong, sturdy work top surface and a plastic bag. The plastic bag will be most suitable for an easy-peel solution when crafting your clay (Trust me, I learnt the hard way!)

Image 2

2. Air-drying clay is perfect for people with little amount of time to spend on a big project. You can sculpt your life away then come back to it another time once it has dried out.

3. You will need a template cut-out of a mitten, which can easily be found here ».  


Image 4

4. Roll out your clay to about 70mm thick. Use a craft knife or scalpel to carefully cut around your template. Take your time, and hold a steady hand!

Image 5

Image 6

5. Pull off the excess clay making sure it doesn’t tear your clay mitten.

Image 7

6. Use a little bit of water and your thumb to smooth out any rough edges. The clay will be easily adaptable so don’t be too firm. Gently smooth out the edges and corners until it is all level.

Image 8

7. Once you have completed these step you should have something that looks similar to below…

Image 9

8. Use a scalpel to push a hole 2cm below the top part of the mitten. This will be used to thread wool through later. Twist the scalpel around until you get an even hole, then use water to smooth out the edges.

Image 10

9. To press shapes and patterns in to your clay, you need to ensure it is still quite wet to get the full effect. If not, then add a drop more water to make it more mouldable. Use stamps to press patterns on to the surface and again, be careful not to apply too much pressure so the mitten keeps in form.

Image 11

Image 12

10. Now it’s time to put your clay mitten to one side to dry. Leave for 24-48 hours to ensure it has dried throughout. Whilst it dries, you can prepare and make the pom pom tassels.

Image 13

11. Cut a small length of card (no longer than 2 inches) and wrap your wool around it approximately 10 times.

Image 14

12. Slide the wool off of the card, then use another piece of wool (30cm long) and tie a knot around the middle.
Image 15

13. Snip both ends of the knotted wool to separate the strands.

Image 16

14. Then, spread and tease the strands until it resembles a teeny tiny pom pom. You will need two pom poms per decoration.

Image 17

15. When your clay mitten have well and truly dried out, it’s time to decorate them with paint.

16. Paint on two layers of white acrylic paint. Don’t slather it on too thick as you don’t want it to disguise the stamped patterns.

Image 19

17. Once that has dried, use a porcelain pen to personalise your decorations for your nearest and dearest. Add names or captions that fits best for you.

Image 21

18. Once it has dried again, paint on a layer of mod podge to protect your mittens and add some shine for a final touch.

19. Leave your decorations to dry for a couple of hours to ensure everything has set. Then, grab your pom pom strands and thread them through the hole, then around the wrist section of the mitten.

Image 22

20. Knot together the two threads at the top, with a good amount of hanging distance.

Image 23

Your decorations are now complete and ready to hang pride of place on the tree, or wrap up to send as a gift.

How to Make Clay Mitten Decorations

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