How to Make Clay Bunting

Looking to make something last minute to finish off the look of your street party? The Queen’s 90th Birthday is definitely worth the effort! Bunting is so versatile, you can make it from so many materials and can use an array of colours and patterns. That is why it is so great for so many different occasions! No party should be without this wonderful decoration.

How to Make Clay  Bunting

Skill Level: Beginners

Time to Make: 2 hours plus drying time (Drying time can take up to 1 day. Make sure to allow the clay to dry properly before painting or doing anything else to it to prevent cracking)

You Will Need

Craft Essentials


How to Make

1. Before getting the clay out to start this make, you will first have to make a cardboard template to help you guide you when you are cutting out triangles in the clay.

2. Your piece of cardboard should be 8 cm by 8 cm. To create the point for the triangle measure 4cm at the bottom of the cardboard. Using a ruler and pencil, draw the triangle onto the cardboard and then cut it out carefully using a scalpel or a pair of scissors.

3. Roll out a lump of air drying clay until it is evenly flat and smooth. The thickness should roughly be 0.5cm. To check the thickness, cut the edge of the clay and hold a ruler up against it.
Place your template on top of the clay, using a clay modelling tool cut into the clay using the template as a guide to make a perfect triangle.


4. Remove excess clay from around the triangle. Use a pointed modelling tool to create 2 holes in the top of the triangle, these will be used to thread twine through later on.

To make 1 metre of bunting, make 10 clay triangles.

5. Once the clay has completely dried, it will be time to start painting!


6. Begin by painting each triangle white. Then once this has dried, paint a red cross in the middle of each triangle. To paint the rest of the union jack design, use a pencil and draw a rough guide for you to follow.

7. All that is left to do now is to thread your twine through each triangle! Be careful with this step, clay can be fragile so work on each triangle one at a time! Don’t rush.

Your bunting is going to look stunning hung up at your party! Enjoy!


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