How to Make Chunky Tassel Embellishments

Create this on-trend chunky tassel embellishments to add to your Christmas decoration and gift wrap repertoire this year! Everyone loves a tassel and you will too when you see how easy they are to make. Why not try using extra colours and beads to add a little sparkle to your tassel?

You Will NeedCraft Essential

Scissors »

Wool needle »

Piece of cardboard (10cm x 20cm)

How to Make

1. Start by wrapping the yellow ball of wool around your piece of cardboard. Keep wrapping around the cardboard 55-60 times.


2. Cut a piece of wool in the same colour about 50cm long. Pass it under the bundle of wool that is wrapped around the card and tie in a tight double knot  


3. Turn the piece of cardboard over taking your scissors, cut down the middle and take the wool bundle off the cardboard.  


4. With another piece of wool in a contrasting colour, about 50cm long,  tie one end around the top of the tassel (about 2cm from the top).


5. Wrap the wool around the top of the tassel bringing your bundle of wool together so you have a nice tight band. Knot and sew the ends back through the band and trim off.


6. Repeat the last two steps with another colour. Tie off the ends at the top of the tassel, ready for hanging.  

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