How to Make Christmas Origami

How to Make Christmas Origami

Make some more unsual decorations for your home this festive season, and fold up these fun Christmas origami characters. Origami is great for kids, and super trendy right now – why not add a hanging loop to hang them on the tree, or display in a cloche?

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Origami Penguin

1. Take a sheet of 6 x 6” origami paper, black one side and white or light grey on the other. With the black facing up, fold in half diagonally. IMG_7301_Edit

2. Unfold, then take one creased corner and fold it a little way up. The horizontal edge you have just created will become the penguin’s base. 


3. Fold back along the diagonal fold made in step one. 


4. To create a wing, fold one long edge towards the centre, but not all the way. 


5. Fold the point this creates a little towards the centre. 


6. Unfold this small flap, then refold it underneath the wing. 


7. Repeat these steps on the other side to create the other wing. 


8. Open the top out a little and fold the tip down to create the head. Crease when the head is at the desired angle. 



9. Open the head up to create the beak. Begin by folding the tip towards the body, then back on itself to form a crimp. 


Top Tip!

Varying the lengths of the beak and the shape of the wings can lead to different types of penguin.

Origami Santa 

1. Take a sheet of 6 x 6” origami paper, red one side and white or light pink on the other. With the red side facing up, fold in half diagonally, then unfold. Fold it in half vertically, unfold, then fold in half horizontally and unfold once more. 



2. With the white side up, position the paper so the diagonal fold goes from top left to bottom right. Fold the bottom edge to the middle, then unfold. 



3. Rotate the sheet clockwise 90°, then fold the edge that is now at the bottom to the centre, and unfold again.

4. Turn the sheet over, so that the red side is facing up. Fold the bottom corner up to the centre of the sheet, then unfold. 


5. Fold that corner again, this time to the line just created, then unfold.


6. Fold that corner once again to the crease you just made. 


7. Next, fold the horizontal edge the previous fold created to the crease just above it, then fold along that crease. 



8. Turn the paper over. Take the two lower side edges and fold them in along the creases created in steps 2 and 3, bringing the head and hat in with them. Crease flat and neatly, then rotate the sheet 180° so the head is at the top. 



9. Take the bottom point and fold it to the top one, and crease firmly. 



10. Fold the top point, top layer only, down to just below the bottom of the hat, to create Santa’s face. 


11. Fold this point back up again, but not all the way to the top, then fold it back down again so the new crease is in line with the one from the previous step. 


12. Turn the unit over, then take the bottom corners and fold them up to the top central one. 




13. Take the two top edges and fold them into the centre. 



14. Finally, fold the bottom point up a little to create a base for Santa. 


Origami Christmas Tree

1. Take a sheet of 6 x 6” origami paper, green on one side and any other colour on the other side. With the green side face down, fold the sheet in half diagonally, then unfold. 



2. Take two adjacent edges and fold them both to the crease you just created. 



3. Fold the pointed tip down and back up again to create a crimp. 



4. Turn the sheet over, then fold up the bottom point a short distance. 


5. Fold the bottom up so the crease is a horizontal line between the two side corners. 


6. Fold the flap you just created down, so that the crease is a little above the crease made in the previous step. This is the trunk of the tree. 


7. To make the trunk a little thinner, fold one side edge in a little, neatly squashing the triangle that forms at the top of the crease. 



8. Repeat this step on the trunk’s other edge. 

9. Repeat this technique on the lower segment of the tree body, folding one side in then squashing the triangle, then repeat that on the other side of the body segment. 


10. Turn the sheet over and you’ve finished your tree! 


How to Make Christmas Origami

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