How to Make Christmas Gift Card Boxes

I find that I am sending more and more gift cards as Christmas gifts these days – as the children in the family grow, they love a gift card that let’s them spend some money in their favourite store. They don’t make for an exciting gift to give though do they? Make them more of a surprise by presenting them in these lovely little gift card holder boxes. When you pull out the drawer, the gift card pops up, there is also space to write a message, and even space under the shelf to put a small surprise – sweets maybe for younger children, a pretty sparkly bracelet for a teenage girl….

Once you’ve made the first one, you will be surprised how easily they are to assemble!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by printing out or copying the instructions below, then transferring to your chosen sheets of patterned Christmas papers. To create a sturdy drawer compartment for the gift card holder use cardstock, like kraft card.

2. Once all of the panels have been cut and scored, apply double-sided tape to the indicated areas.

3. Apply double-sided tape as shown along both long sides of the acetate piece. With the fold at the bottom, adhere the acetate to the bottom back-side of the gift card pocket. Now attach the other side to one end of the shelf. Cover the acetate with the sentiment panel.

Top Tip: I always write my message before attaching to the shelf, as it makes writing easier on a solid surface. Then you can just hold down the springy card holder when you slide it into the decorated sleeve. 

4. Then it’s just a case of decorating the outside of the gift box, you can use dies, wooden toppers, mini decoupage toppers, the possibilities are endless!

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