How to Sew Camel Bunting

This camel bunting makes the perfect addition to your home or garden this summer, and is bang on trend using Moroccan inspired fat quarters to create the ultimate bohemian vibes. Read on to find out how to make your own by using this tutorial provided by the wonderful Craft Cotton Co.

You Will Need

Moroccan Bazaar Fat Quarters »

Orange Embroidery Thread »

Batting »

Sewing Thread »

Ribbon » (at length of bunting)

Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Draw out the outline of a camel on paper, do not draw the legs on the body but draw one separately. Cut out camel body pieces and leg pieces from the fabric and batting, for each camel you will need for the body; two pieces from the fabric and one batting piece, and for the legs; 4 fabric pieces and two batting pieces.

2. To make the tail cut a strip of embroidery thread 7 cm in length and tie a knot at the end.

3. Take 2 body pieces and one batting piece, place the two fabric pieces right side together and place the piece of batting on top. Position the tail in between the two fabric pieces with its raw edge against the raw edge of the fabric. Sew around the camel leaving a 5 cm gap for turning, turn the right way and slip stitch close the gap.

4. To make the legs take 2 of the leg pieces and place right sides together and place a piece of batting on top sew around leaving a 3 cm gap for turning. Turn the right way and slip stitch close the gap.

5. Sew the legs onto the body of the camel using the embroidery thread.

6. Sew the camels onto your ribbon to complete the batting.

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