How to Make Calligraphy Ceramic Baubles

Create a modern and elegant tree personalised to the nines with the Hobbycraft Ceramic Baubles. Here, we talk you through the process of applying hand lettering and Silver Gilding Leaves to create a finished set that look divine!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Paint the baubles your chosen colours using the Pebeo acrylics. A matte finish paint works best in contrast with the metallic letting you will add later. You will probably need to paint several coats to get a nice even finish.

2. If you are adding foil to your bauble, you should do so once the paint has dried. Apply the gilding paste to the part of the bauble you wish to foil. Leave the gilding paste for 10-15 minutes, and gently press the silver leaf onto the pasted area. You may need to add a second layer if you do not get the desired effect. Simply repeat the process until you are happy!

3. Using a pencil, draw or trace your calligraphy design onto any painted part of the bauble. Your design can be quite rough at this stage, just make sure you don’t press too hard into the paint so that your pencil lines can be rubbed away later.

4. Using a paint pen, re-trace your pencil lines to finish the design.

5. Depending on the style of calligraphy you want, you can later add to the width of your pen lines using the paint pens. If there is any pencil showing, you can either cover it with more paint or rub it away.

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