How to Make Butterfly Cookies

How to Make Butterfly Cookies #butterfly #cookies #mothersday

I love to bake, and these iced butterfly cookies make the perfect afternoon treat or bake for a picnic. Bake a batch of cookies using your favourite recipe, leave to cool and then decorate with ready to roll icing and a few edible toppings (if you prefer) such as sprinkles or edible glitter.

How to Make Butterfly Cookies

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How to Make

  1. Bake cookies using your favourite recipe.
  2. Lightly grease your work surface and roll the kneaded coloured sugarpaste to a thickness of approximately three to four millimetres.
  3. Using the cookie cutter cut out shapes. Use a straw to cut circles out of the wings and cut out stars with a craft knife.
  4. Lift carefully, moisten the back with buttercream and place on the cookie.
  5. Use your finger moistened with water to smooth and round the edges.
  6. Score the wings with a craft knife. Pipe decorations on the wings and body with white icing.

How to Make Butterfly Cookies #butterfly #cookies #mothersday

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