How to Make Bunting

The sun is out and to me that means only one thing . . . time to get the table and chairs out of the shed and dine out in the garden with family and friends. And no garden would be complete without a little bit of pom pom bunting!

This is a great project for beginners to try their hand at, you’ll have yourself metres of bunting fit for any garden party in no time at all!

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You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Measure two 20 centimetre width strips of fabric.

2. With right sides together measure and mark with a fabric pen at 22 centimetre intervals along the bottom edge of the fabric.

3. Along the top edge make the first mark at 11 centimetres and then continue along the top at 22 centimetre intervals.

4. Join the top and bottom marks to make triangles.

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting

5. Cut along the lines to make your flags.

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting
6. With right sides together and leaving a 1 centimetre gap at the top of the flag, feed the trim in between the fabric triangles, ensuring the pom poms are facing inwards.

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting

7. Carefully stitch along both diagonal edges making sure you have caught the trim as you go. When you get to the tip of the flag make sure the needle is down and feed the trim around the trim to create a nice point. Then continue sewing leaving 1 centimetre at the end.

8. When you have sewn your flag turn it the right way and press to get nice crisp edges.

9. When you have made all your flags sandwich them between the bias binding and pin to your bias binding. Continue pinning the flags leaving 5 centimetre intervals between each one.

10. Carefully sew the bias binding making sure the you are catching both sides.

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting

Top Tip!

To get a nice neat edge on your bunting, trim the tops of the flags to create a nice crisp edge before attaching them to the bias binding

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting

How to Make Bunting #Sewing #Bunting

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