How to Make Bunny Jars

How to Make Bunny Jars #bunny #rabbit #jars #sprayed #upcycling #easter #spring

Add a subtle hint of spring to your home with some cute bunny jars! If bunnies aren’t your thing, swap them for your favourite animal or something a bit unusual like a dinosaur!

You Will Need
  • Plastic toy animals
  • Spray paint in your choice of colours – available in store
  • Jars »
Craft Essentials
  • Strong adhesive »
How to Make
1. Remove the lids from each of the jars and place on top of newspaper. In a well ventilated area, spray paint each of the lids following the instructions on the back of the can. Leave to dry.2. While the lids are drying, spray paint a plastic toy of your choice – we’ve used a rabbit – to attach to each of the jar lids. We’ve used complimentary colours but you could mix and match if you prefer. Leave to dry, and then give one final coat – depending on the colour you are using, a third coat may be needed.

3.  One everything is dry, use strong glue to secure the toy centrally to the top of the lid.

How to Make Bunny Jars #easter #craft #bunny #jar #upcycling #spraypaint #easy #diy

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