How to Make Bright Pompom Fillable Baubles

How to Make Bright Pompom Fillable Baubles #colourful #bright #pompom #fillable #baubles #clear #christmas #tree #decoration #craft #posca

Fill your tree with Christmas cheer with these bright pompom fillable baubles, complete with fun festive messages! If you don’t like pompoms, you could also use glitter, confetti or colourful straws.

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1. Pick a Christmas phrase that you would like to write onto the outside of your bauble. Draw it onto a piece of paper first using your chosen colours.

baubles 1
 2. Cut out your design and temporarily stick it to the inside of your bauble using masking tape. This will act as template for you to trace onto the outside of the bauble.

baubles 2 
3. Write your Christmas phrase onto the outside of the bauble. This can be tricky, so try to keep it simple! Once you’ve finished your phrase, remove the template from the inside of the bauble and see how it looks. If it needs touching up, now is the time to get into the detail of the design.

baubles 3 
4. Completely fill the other half of the bauble with pom poms in a variety of colours and sizes. Pop the two halves together tie them together with a ribbon of your choice. This bauble is now ready for your colourful Christmas tree!

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How to Make Bright Pompom Fillable Baubles #colourful #bright #pompom #fillable #baubles #clear #christmas #tree #decoration #craft #posca

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