How to Make Biodegradable Glitter Wall Art

Oh the things you can create with glitter! We love the shiny stuff and it seems we’re not the only ones. The glitter mixes from Cosmic Shimmer offer limitless possibilities, and best of all they’re biodegradable!

Armed with our Cricut machine and the amazing stencil vinyl, we decided to whip up a piece of wall art to add a bit of glitz and shimmer to our homes.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Turn on your Cricut Machine, I used my Cricut Maker. Log in and open up a new project in Cricut Design Space. 

2. I choose to cut out the quote “Glitter is my favourite colour.”, however, you could use any quote you like! I typed my chosen quote in and choose the Balega Std Regular Font, from the list of Cricut fonts. I centred this to the Left and resized it to 10 x 8″.

3. Cut the stencil vinyl to 12″ square, then lay the stencil vinyl onto a Light Grip Cutting Mat, ensuring that it is flat and all air bubbles are smoothed out – the Cricut XL Scraper Tool is ideal for this! Load the mat into your machine.

4. Select ‘Make it’ and choose stencil vinyl as the material you want to cut.

5. Let the machine work its magic and cut your project. Once it’s done unload the mat and peel the mat away from the back of the vinyl sheet. As we want to use the letters as a mask, not create a stencil, peel away the vinyl around the letters so that only the letters are left on the backing paper.

Balega is one of my favourite fonts to cut with as it requires very little weeding! However, do ensure you take out all of the bits you don’t need.

6. Cover all of your quote in masking tape (you could also use Cricut’s Transfer Tape if you prefer), making sure all of the words are joined together and all of the smaller parts are covered. Press down on the piece to ensure the vinyl is stuck to the masking tape. Carefully peel the vinyl away for the backing sheet, make sure all of the pieces come off in one piece stuck to the masking tape.

7. Lay your design down carefully onto your white card ensuring it is perfectly placed. Smooth over the design with the Cricut XL Scraper Tool to ensure good contact with your paper. Peel away the masking tape and leave the vinyl behind.

Top tip: Don’t worry if the masking tape removes some of the paper slightly – you are going to cover it with so much glitter it won’t be seen!

8. Grab a sponge, dip it in Mod Podge and start covering your quote in glue – less is more. If you apply too much glue the paper will warp and buckle. For my piece of wall art, I decided that I wouldn’t cover all of my card in glitter but would leave about an inch around the edge, so that I could gradually fade the glitter out.

Top tip: Cover all of the letters in glue too, this will ensure you get the sharpest edges on your letters.

9. Start sprinkling glitter! Prepare you surface beforehand with a piece of card or newspaper so that you can collect any glitter that doesn’t stick and reuse it. Sprinkle the glitter carefully over the whole page ensuring all of the glue and the stencil vinyl is covered, leaving to set for about 30 seconds before tapping the piece of paper onto the card/newspaper to remove any excess glitter, pour back into the pot, before covering the piece for a second time. 

10. Allow the glue to dry before adding glue and glitter to any patches you may have missed.

11. Once dry, use a pair of tweezers to peel off the stencil vinyl letter by letter.

12. Then it’s ready to be placed into your box frame and hung up, so that everyone knows your love for glitter knows no bounds!

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