How to Make Baubles From Beads

These are simple and extremely relaxing to create which have fantastic results – these are great gift ideas or a great way to update your tree this Christmas. The possibilities are endless, so visit your local Hobbycraft and pop to the Jewellery department to get inspired!

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Top Tip! You are likely to see white spaces when beading the ball therefore we suggest if you don’t want this to be obvious to either paint the ball before with either Acrylic or Spray paint or select smaller ‘filler’ beads such as seed beads or small loose beads to fill any gaps.

  1. Select your colour theme and necessary embellishments to create your desired look
  2. Select your pin (use Household pins for beads as they are longer and will secure the bead in place and the shorter Sequin Pins for sequins or Seed beads) and push the pin into the Styrofoam ball with your embellishment attached.
    Top Tip! The Styrofoam balls have a faint line which clearly shows the middle of the ball, if you wanted to create a pattern this is a good starting point to use as a guide.
  3. Continue selecting embellishments and pinning in place until the bauble is completely covered.
  4. For the beaded baubles I used clear thread to create a loop to hang as the bauble is too heavy to use ribbon alone – simply wrap this around the ball as if you were tying a ribbon at the top and then knot in place. Use the excess to tie another knot higher up to create a loop – cutting off any excess.
  5. Add a ribbon bow as an additional design feature if you want extra decoration (optional).
  6. To create a ribbon loop simply cut a piece of ribbon and secure both ends using the pin – if your bauble is slightly heavy or you’re worried it may fall out use a glue gun to secure the pin in place.

How to Make Baubles From Beads #christmas #craft

Try experimenting with different beads or sequins for a range of different looks!


How to Make Baubles From Beads #christmas #craft

How to Make Baubles From Beads #christmas #craft]How to Make Baubles From Beads #christmas #craft

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