How to Make Baby Shower Invitations

How to Make Baby Shower Invitations #BelleAndBoo #BabyShower

I do love receiving handmade party invites, I always keep mine for months (even years) after I’ve received them, pinned to my noticeboard in the kitchen, mementos of the happy occasion.

If you’re planning a baby shower why not have a go at making your own invitations? This beautiful Belle and Boo creation takes next to no time at all to put together (perfect if you’ve got lots of guests to invite!), you could even enlist the help of your other half and get a production line going!

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How to Make Baby Shower Invitations

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  1. Stick the green polka 6 by 6 inch Belle and Boo paper onto the front of the card blank with double sided tape.
  2. Cut a 13 centimetre square using the kraft card and add onto the centre of the card. Layer the card centrepiece with a 12cm square of Belle and Boo paper. We have used the pretty pink graph paper for this.
  3. Cut out the Boo character from the clear stamp set and stamped the cute rabbit in the bottom left of the card. If you do not want to cut your stamp, you can carefully just ink the Boo character stamp before stamping onto your card.
  4. To decorate, we have added a row of bunting at the top of card. Measure the twine to fit the card and create a curve. Layer your twine with seven bunting triangles and stick down with double sided tape; this will also keep your twine securely in place. We have mixed our bunting with different patterns and sizes. To finish the bunting embellishment, add smaller bunting triangles onto to the larger pieces using foam pads to add depth to the card.
  5. Print your baby shower text with your chosen font onto a piece of kraft paper. We have then cut the sentiment text to 4.5 centimetre by 8.9 centimetre and created with a fishtail design on the left hand side. Stick the sentiment text in the lower half of your card, making sure the edge is aligned with the kraft paper square.
  6. To finish, we have added three Belle and Boo plastic flower buttons to the bottom right of the card in coordinating colours to complement the patterns picked on the bunting embellishment.

How to Make Baby Shower Invitations #BelleAndBoo #BabyShower

How to Make Baby Shower Invitations #BelleAndBoo #BabyShower

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