How to Make Animal Rosettes

I love creating rosettes, they’re so versatile, and be can be made (virtually) any size your like! These animal rosettes are great for adorning children’s bedroom walls of having dotted around the house.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Start by choosing a paper collection to work with; this is the hardest part but will help to inform colour choices going forwards so it’s worth making sure you pick the one you love. I chose the Willow Lane paper pad by Maggie Holmes, there are lots of beautiful patterns to choose from, so it was hard whittling it down, but started by opting for the a small polka dot design.Trim a 6(W) x 2(H)cm strip from your chosen cardstock and score vertically along the long edge every centimetre. Concertina fold the paper strip then glue the ends together, leave to dry then stand up on one of it’s ends so you have something like the below.

2. Use a 2″ circle craft punch to cut a paper circle, and place to one side for later. Take the concertina circle and gently manipulate the paper by pushing the top edge outwards, causing the bottom edge to come inwards, this can take a little bit of practice to get the hang of, but once you do you’ll be creating rosettes all the time! 

Top Tip: Push the bottom edges so that they sit as closely together as possible.

3. Take the circle cut with the craft punch and adhere this to the centre front of the rosette with tacky glue to hold the concertina paper in place. 

4. Hand-cut another circle of cardstock and adhere to the back of the rosette.

5. Trim two paper strips with a ‘V’ shape snipped into one end and adhere these (slightly overlapping) to the back of the rosette so that they’re poking out the bottom of your rosette. Add another hand-cut circle using papers from your chosen patterned paper pad, and decorate with fussy-cut pieces from the pad. Adhere this to the front of the rosette.

6. To make the animal head that adorns the front of the rosettes, draw a shape of the animal (or monster etc.) using a pencil, lightly mark where you want the nose and eyes to sit. To make the head three dimensional draw a triangle from the nose down to the chin area, as done in the below photo. Cut the straight line and glue it to the dotted line. 

Top tip: Where you position the nose, and how high up you cut the slit will determine how three dimensional the animal head is.

7. Add the face to your animal; draw, paint, add stickers, free-hand cut paper embellishments, add googly eyes, anything goes!

8. Add a tab section to the back of the animal head to make it easy to adhere to the front of the rosette.

9. Add the paper head to the front of the rosette, using a small amount of tacky glue.

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