How to Make an Intricut Fairy Shadow Box Card

Use the Intricut fairy jar and foliage dies to create this stunning fairy shadow box card. By using tracing paper and LED flame-less tea lights, it’s possible to create a calming and ethereal piece of paper art that would look at home on any mantelpiece, as well as making the perfect gift.

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1. Transfer all the templates onto white A4 card. Cut along solid lines and score and fold along all dashed lines with a craft knife. Cut two scene panels, one following the solid line on the provided template, and one similar following the dotted line at the bottom with its cut out section.

2. Start making up the shadow box by gluing the concertina side panels to the back section. Make sure there are three full mountain folds on the inside of the box, and two full mountain folds on the outside. Then glue the front panel in place. Fold up the bottom and top to create the box ready for decorating. In order for the shadowbox to fold flat, do not glue in place the top and bottom sections.

3. Die cut the fairy jar twice. Glue one onto a piece of vellum measuring 16.7 x 15 cm. Position the fairy jar centrally, and 1.5 cm up from the bottom. Fussy cut the second fairy out and glue directly onto the first fairy allowing the wings to curl up. Punch out some butterflies to add these in and around the fairy jar.

4. Decorate the middle scene by using the frame with the cut out section at the bottom. Die cut various leaves, foliage and flowers. Use the image to help with positioning and glue these onto the front of the frame. Lay the frame over the vellum to make sure the larger butterflies and fairy jar base are not hidden too much.

5. Decorate the upper scene frame as before, again gluing on all the leaves, foliage and flowers onto the front face of the frame.

6. Add a thin line of glue down both sides of the vellum scene, on the front face. Gently slot this into the top of the box to glue into place. Keeping the top of the vellum level with the top of the box, and fixing the glued sides to the back of the middle mountain fold.

7. The middle decorated scene can just be slotted in using the valley fold just in front of the vellum. No need to glue in place.

8. Now slot in the upper decorated panel, using the valley fold just behind the front of the box. Again no gluing.

9. Score and fold in half an A4 sheet of white card. With the fold on the left, trim down to 17 cm tall, and glue onto the back of the box centrally.

10. Lastly open up the bottom of the box to insert all four tea lights.

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