How to Make an Illustrated Advent House

This year, why not decorate your very own illustrated advent house calendar – you could make it look like your own home, or even your dream home!

For this design, Ilaria Harris was inspired by British architecture – a little fantasy mix of the Tudor, Regency and Victorian periods. By combining these styles she came up with her dream home – light mint with a blue roof and a red brick chimney. You can see Ilaria coming back after shopping with her dog and woolly hat!

Project used with thanks to Ilaria Harris of Zest & Lavender.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Find inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines, postcards or simply looking around your own town or city – choose your style and colour theme. British architecture inspired my advent house.

2. Draw the house and details on paper so you have a clear idea about the final look and a guide to refer to.

3. Choose the acrylic colours that fit the theme of your house. Mix the acrylics carefully on a palette before applying. You will need a big brush to paint the base with two coats (or you could use spray paint for an even finish). I created a light mint pastel colour by mixing white with a touch of dark green and then adding very small amounts of dark blue and deep yellow to get the mint effect.

4. The two coats will create a base for your house. Once dried (approximately 10 minutes) you will be able use the guide that you created earlier to draw the details directly on the house with pencil.

5. Following your pencil drawing, paint the details with acrylics using brushes of different sizes depending on your drawing. For the roof, windows and doors I used different mixtures of blue and different sized brushed. For the Christmas tree, I used the no.3 brush and for the woman with the dog, I used the no.1 brush. Let all the acrylic paints dry for about 10 minutes after applying.

6. While the paint is drying, you can prepare the 25 mini-gifts by deciding which one will go in each ‘window’.

7. You can write the countdown numbers 1 to 25 on each ‘window’ with a silver metallic colouring pencil.

8. Now you are at the final stage – you are ready to position your gifts inside! I decided to swap the traditional chocolate treats for inspiring and creative gifts. I included handmade projects to be discovered – a daily creative treat for the creative mind. 

This time, Christmas can be about creative inspiration! Keeping your kids, friends and loved ones inspired during the holidays with an advent calendar filled with surprises and projects to do.

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