How to Make a Floral Initial Frame

This make is a perfect gift for anybody – especially a Mother! The MDF letters are the perfect way to stamp a personalised initial to the centre of the frame, and you can decorate further with scrabble letters and embellishments to create a polished finished item. Read the below tutorial to see how easy it is to recreate your own using only a few items available in store and online at Hobbycraft.

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Unpack the frame and using the backboard, cut and stick with double sided tape the piece of white card to the backboard.

2. Using the Glue Gun glue your MDF Letter to the top centre of your board.  For this design we have used a ‘M’.

Top tip! Make sure you glue your letter the right way up on the board so when you hang your frame its not upside down.

3. Now you can glue in all your paper flowers around your letter.  

Top tip!  Some Paper Flowers are on small wires, these will need to be cut short and folded down in order to be glued.

4. Using the Wooden Letter Tiles spell out the full word of your initial, in this case we have done ‘MUM’.

5. Assemble the frame.

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