How to Make an Exploding Box Card

If you’re looking to create a card for a momentous occasion, you can’t go far wrong with this amazing exploding box card design. Not only does this showstopper fold up to create a three dimensional present it also has space inside to house an extra-special gift!

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make
  1. Start by scoring a 12 x 12” sheet of coloured cardstock, score at 4″ and 8″ turn once then score at 4″ and 8″ again to form a grid.

2. Trim off the four corner squares leaving a cross shape.

3. Turn the prepared base over and attach a strip of plain paper starting at the centre square and finishing at the outer edges of each flap. When folded up this will form the outer ribbon.

4. Attach a trimmed patterned paper panel to each flap ensuring to leave a thin border around the edges.

5. Decorate each panel using a variety of toppers, stars and wooden embellishments. Create cardstock pockets, tags and pull out panels for added interest.

6. Repeat steps one and three to create a second layer, only this time start with a 10.5 x 10.5″ panel of cardstock and score at 3.5″ and 7″.

7. Decorate the second layer with more die cuts and embellishments then fix to the bottom layer using double sided tape.

8. Create a lid by cutting a 6 5/8 x 6 5/8″ panel of patterned paper, score at 1 ¼” along all four sides, then snip once into each corner.

9. Fold along the scored lines gluing the flaps to create the lid.

10. Attach two strips of plain paper to the outside of the lid to match the outside of the box base. Create a matching paper bow for the top of the box.

11. To create the birthday cake. Die-cut or fussy-cut three circle shapes each slightly smaller than the other, trim three strips of cardstock approximately 1”that will fit around each one.

12. Score ¼” along the length of each strip then snip into the smallest side all the way along creating a fringe. Bend up the fringe and glue this part to the reverse side of each circle ensuring to keep the cardstock strip to the very edge of the circle.

13. When all three cake tiers are done glue each tier together creating the cake.

14. Die cut another circle shape slightly larger than the bottom cake tier, trim a thin strip of cardstock and glue the very edge to the circle ensuring this fits inside the bottom tier. This will form the cake base and allow the cake to house a small gift.

15. Attach the cake base and cake to the inside of the finished box to finish.

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