How to Make an Envelope Advent Calendar

How to Make an Envelope Advent #christmas #advent #papercraft

Try something a little bit different with your Advent craft this year and give this envelope Advent a go! The envelopes are made from scrapbook papers, and then stitched together using a sewing machine, or you could even do it by hand. Fill with chocolate pennies or secret messages to make someone smile!

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Project with thanks to Suzie Attaway

Suitable for: Intermediates

Time to Make: Two hours

You Will Need How to Make

To Make a Folded Pocket

1. Cut a square of paper. Fold up the bottom corner to the central point of the square and press flat.

2. Next fold one side corner towards the middle, slightly overlapping the bottom corner, and press flat. Run a little glue along the overlap and stick to the bottom corner. Repeat with the opposite side.

3. Fold over the top corner, overlapping the sides and bottom of the envelope. Place an advent tag on top and seal with a sticker or washi tape.

To Make a Stitched Pocket

1. Cut a rectangular piece of double-sided paper. Fold the bottom of the paper about two-thirds of the way up and press flat.

2. Fold the top section over the bottom, then back on itself in half, to create a double folded flap.

3. With the top flap open, stitch along the sides and bottom of the folded paper with a sewing machine, to create a pocket. Fold the flap back over, and place a wooden advent tag on top. Hold in place with a mini peg, star sticker or piece of washi tape.

When you’ve got 24 finished pockets in a range or patterns, designs and sizes, line them up on some lengths of twine and attach with small wooden pegs to display!

How to Make an Envelope Advent #christmas #advent #papercraft

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