How to Make an Egg Crate Centerpiece

How to Make an Egg Crate Centerpiece #egg #crate #centerpiece #table #decoration #fence #easter #spring #diy

Make your Easter table something beautiful and extra special this year, by creating a centerpiece – we loved the look of these white picket fence crates, so got to grips with some mache to create an egg-tastic egg crate centerpiece!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Draw a large zigzag on to the eggs as shown. Carefully cut into the eggs with a craft knife along the lines you have drawn all the way around, leaving a couple of centimetres still attached.


2. Paint the eggs in white paint and then pink/blue, allowing to dry between coats. Make sure that the outer layer of the egg is stuck to the plastic inner.

3. Cut the artificial grass to fit the base of the crate and glue into place using a glue gun.

4. Position the eggs where you want them and glue into place.


5. Fill your eggs with sweet treats, flowers or Easter decorations like fluffy chicks and bunnies!

How to Make an Egg Crate Centerpiece #egg #crate #centerpiece #table #decoration #fence #easter #spring #diy

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