How to Make an Egg Box Frame

How to Make an Egg Box Frame #egg #box #frame #easter #decoration #home #spring #diy

Add some egg-cellent decoration to your home for spring and Easter with a fun egg box frame! Paint in colours that co-ordinate your home, ombre or follow our bright spring colour palette.

Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Using a sharp craft knife cut four polystyrene eggs in half – make sure each of the egg halves sit flush when on a flat surface.

2. Cover each of the eggs with a diluted solution of PVA and water (we recommend three parts PVA to one part water) and white tissue paper – this will provide the perfect base to apply the craft paint on to. Leave to dry.

3. Paint each of the egg halves in your chosen colour and leave to dry before applying another coat of paint to get a nice even coverage.

4. Once dry, apply a strip of low tack craft tape three quarters of the way up the egg and paint the top section with gold acrylic paint – apply a few coats to get a nice solid gold colour.

5. Once each of the eggs is complete, position them on top of a sheet of 12 x 12” white cardstock. When happy with the positioning secure each in place with a glue gun. Pop the finished piece into a 12 x 12” box frame with the glass removed.

How to Make an Egg Box Frame #egg #box #frame #easter #decoration #home #spring #diy

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